Ace the compliance

EDGARAce.com is committed to provide you with state of the art software solutions which will enable you to Ace the complex SEC compliance requirements.  

We provide a low cost solution with highest quality standards ensuring a rewarding user experience.

EDGARAce.com Advantages

  • Reliability – SEC compliant XML generation, instant SEC confirmation for the filing receipt
  • Productivity – save time by using information from previous filings to create new filing or amendment
  • Flexibility – Test/Live filing options, Live file at your convenience with no restrictions on Test filings
  • Collaborate – email filings proofs using flexible distribution lists
  • Pricing – affordable pricing with option to choose from flat rate fee or flexible subscription
  • Secure – confidential information like password, CCC etc. are encrypted to ensure data safety

EDGARAce.com offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface with step-by-step detailed instructions facilitating you in worry-free SEC compliance.

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